Pole Party Class, Private Classes and Dancers for events!


Services Temecula and Murrieta:

- Pole Party Class for Bachelorette, girl's night out, b-days, corporate and special events.

- Pole, Burlesque, and Belly combo party dance class

- Pole room: private classes, private practices, private photoshots 

- Private Belly Dance, Pole and Burlesque classes

- Pro: Go Go Dancer, Belly Dancer, family friendly dancer 

Mobile Service Temecula and San Diego: 

- Pole Burlesque Party Class 

- Pole Burlesque and Belly Dance Party Class

- Go Go Dancers, Burlesque and Belly Dancers and Cabarets for parties and events

We come to your rental/home or we can offer a space in Murrieta, San Marcos and Pacific Beach


CALL OR TEXT 951-291-1962

We offer special rate Go Go Dancers for venues and bands

Pole Party Classes

1 Hour up to 5 guest

1.5 Hours up to 8 guest

2 Hours Pole and Belly any group size

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 Belly  & Chair Dance Classes

Mondays 1 to 7 PM

Saturday 12 PM  

Private, practices, zoom 

Murrieta only 

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Pole & Dance Room 

make videos, small party class, private class, photo shots, dancer space rent

Murrieta only  

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Go Go's & Belly Dancers 

Hire a Belly Dancer and a Go Go Dancer for your event, band shows, venues and DJ's,Murrieta and San Diego 

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Go Go Dance Arts was founded in 2016, I have been passionate about dance since young age, our main goal is to bring great music, dance and entertainment  to local bars, pole/burlesque/belly dance party class to events and to help women to feel empowered by their body, moves and spiritual connections though music and dance ! Looking forward working with you soon.  

Go Go Dance Arts is a solo artist company with collaborating artists