Make your party special by hiring our beautiful Go-Go dancers!

We will dress per your theme request, for example: Burlesque, Club Dance, Belly Dance, Cabaret Dance, Folkloric, Samba, ETC ... packages starts at $45.00 and we have special rates for venues 

Choose from our packages and parties:

Package 1. One Go-Go dancer, per theme request

Package 2. Two dancers, per theme request

Package 3. Book a pole/burlesque  party at the studio (Max 9 guests) or at your venue, we provide the stage pole and 2 dancers.

Package 4. Any above plus add a Burlesque dance to your event 

CLASS: Book a private of semi-private Burlesque or Pole dance class 

Contact for quotes [email protected] or call 951-723-1876 (no text)

Go-Go dancers and Belly dancer

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