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Pole or Burlesque Party

2 Hours party we have fun learning Chair Burlesque, Belly and Pole Dance up to 12 guests included , two instructors, the pole, chairs, space if needed or we come to your home party is OK flat rate $258! (additional fee for over 12 guests may apply)

Contact for booking and quotes 951-723-1876 

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[email protected]

What to wear: Fun costumes, corsets, bridal shirts,  heels, pole attire or work out attire

Pole Dance Party Class 

Book a short pole party class ... we learn floor work  and  pole dance 1 hour.... this is fun and a great gift for the special celebration event or person , fee is $20.00 per guest Min of 4 at our space or at your home or venue event.

contact for booking 951-723-1876 (no text) 

[email protected]

What to wear: Fun costumes, corsets, bridal shirts, heels, pole attire or work out attire

Dancers for events

Dancers for hiring:

Go-Go Dancers, Belly Dancers, Burlesque Dancers, Cabaret dancers and musician. 

Have theme in mind? Let us know we have several different costumes and dance style.

Contact for booking and quotes 951-723-1876 (no text)

[email protected] 

Dance Class 4 Parties Belly & Burlesque 

Entertain your guests with a dance class at your special event with two professional dance instructors, 1 Belly Dancer instructor and 1 Burlesque Dancer instructor, staring at $258.00 for 2 hours. 

contact for details and booking 951-723-1876 (no text) !

[email protected]

Go-Go dancers and Belly dancer

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